Laravel Developer

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework known for its efficient syntax. The core efficiency of laravel is to make the development
process easier for laravel developers without compromising applications' functionality.

At Remote Face, we have a team of senior Php laravel developer. We aim to provide the best, user-friendly, and cost-effective
web applications for all types of businesses.

How Does Our Senior Php Laravel Developer Help You?

  • We build innovative web applications and websites using modern tools
  • We build and test PHP modules and write secure codes
  • We understand the web language and make sure the CSS, HTML, and Javascript is in the correct order in all applications
  • We develop back-end components to support the front-end developers in optimizing performance
  • We work with web designers and all other involved team members to complete the project on time

If you are looking to hire dedicated laravel developer who has years of experience, Remote Face is the company you need.
From simple web apps to complex e-commerce websites, we can help you in any way you need.

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Our Top Services

Our expert laravel php developer offers the following services:

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Custom Ecommerce Solutions

We build and maintain B2B, B2C online websites or marketplaces. We can handle multiple products at the same time by creating your products catalog. Your business can get many benefits if you choose to get laravel e-commerce solutions.

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CRM Development

CRM offers a wide range of features that can easily help organizations interact with their customers. For example, with the help of laravel, we can easily collect the data from customers, respond to their inquiries regarding product details, delivery status, and promotional offers.

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ERP Development

ERP helps manage, integrate, and plan for all resources (Man, Machine, Material, Money) of an organization. The finance department helps in financial accounting like receivable, payable, ledger, cash management, consolidation, and fixed asset management. Read More

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Custom Laravel Services

We offer custom features according to the need of a business. With the help of our custom laravel development services, your customers can get the best user experience.

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Data Migration Service

Our senior laravel php developer can help you transfer laravel data from one platform to other.

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Restful API Development

Our in-house laravel developers possess excellent expertise in Laravel API packages that can help make highly functional restful solutions. In addition, you can communicate with other third parties such as mobiles to reach out to your audience with restful APIs development services.

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Laravel Extension Development

We have a team of laravel developers who can offer high-quality laravel extensions to meet your business's requirements. By exploring special Laravel packages development requirements, we can create e-commerce or payment extensions.

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Support Services

Our extensive support and maintenance services have won many hearts of our clients. We remain in touch with our clients before, during, and after the development phase and give them even all the project details, which makes them trust us always.

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