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Pay Per Click

Paid search or paid advertising is a model of internet marketing in which advertisers gain website traffic through buying ads on the search engine. The most popular type of paid advertising is the Pay Per Click (PPC) in which the advertiser pays a cost for every click on the ad.

In the Pay Per Click, the website owners design a bid campaign for the focused keywords related to their business and compete for the ad placement, and ad position in search engine’s sponsored or paid links.


We are an online marketing companies that not only likes to flaunt numbers but also deliver their meanings to our client. Compiling weekly and monthly reports, we provide information to our clients about the highlights of the campaigns, milestones achieved, and the importance of these numbers with respect to the campaign goals. Our reporting and analysis focuses on meaningful insights to campaign’s direction and success ratio.


The paid advertising has seen a simultaneous growth along with Search Engine Optimization and has proven to be an effective ingredient of the overall digital marketing strategy. The benefits of PPC include,

Instant Results: Unlike organic, PPC provides immediate results through effective campaigns. The process of setting up the PPC accounts is quick and renders instant results.

Measurable KPIs: In a PPC campaign, it is easy to measure accurate results regarding traffic, visits, conversion, cost and ROI.

Visibility to the Right Audience: Through proper Ad settings, your ad gets more visibility in front of the right audience.

Foundation for Other Online Marketing Tools: The data gathered from PPC campaign serves as a foundation to hone other online marketing campaigns including organic search.


At Remoteface, we understand our clients and their project well. By designing customized campaigns for high volume keywords, we project your ad to the relevant audience at the right time.

  • Keyword research through Keyword planner and AdWords tool.
  • Selection of high volume keywords at the lowest cost.
  • Campaign and bidding strategy
  • Setting and optimizing AdWords extension including site links, general reviews and customer reviews.
  • Creative Ad Copy
  • Ad Management and Tracking
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • Management, Analysis and Reporting

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