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Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a marketing model to buy visits to the website through advertising the products or services in Google’s sponsored links. With the effectiveness of digital paid advertising, companies from startups to established organizations are expanding their digital marketing efforts to include PPC. If you are looking for a PPC Specialist to become a part of your digital marketing team, Remoteface's offers dedicated PPC experts able to initiate, implement and maintain paid advertising campaigns on Google.

Starting from keyword analysis, search volume, keyword lists, to long-term and short-term account management goals, our PPC specialist can help you through every phase of the campaign.

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Our PPC specialist can

  • Manage adwords accounts of the employers with measurable KPI
  • Manage budgets, billing, and reporting of PPC accounts
  • Extract and analyze keywords with high-search volumes
  • Utilize latest and modern tools for PPC account management including adwords editor, adEspresso, keywordCompetitor, semrush, etc.
  • Use Google’s keyword planner and trend to identify the latest search trends in diverse industries.
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Why choose Remoteface

Experienced workforce

At Uhanpick, our internet marketers bring quantifiable success to your business with their organic and paid optimization skills. With experience ranging from 2 years to up to 5 years, they can develop, execute, and maintain a next-level internet marketing strategy.

Business culture adaptability

Our ready-to-hire talent is passionate about company’s culture and quickly adopts the values, working style, and communication patterns of your organization.

Core competencies

With state-of-the-art programming techniques synced with latest framework versions and latest communication and computer equipment, our developers work with your in-house team in a seamless manner.

A job well done

Our resources are detail-oriented with strong problem solving and analytical skills. Our dedicated account managers along with developers make sure that every job is well done, delivering sophistication with technical soundness.

Our PPC Specialists

Junior PPC Developer

Experience 2+ Years

Mid Level PPC Developer

Experience 3+ Years

Senior PPC Developer

Experience 4+ Years

Expert PPC Developer

Experience 5+ Years


Available Plans for Hiring PPC Developers. We consistently bill 40-60% less than the most freelancers.

Tailored Employment

Our team will work on an hourly basis and if you choose this service, the rates will vary depending upon the complexity of the project.

Full Time Employment

Your selected candidate will work on Full-time basis the rates will vary depending upon the experience and skill-set of the candidate.

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